#openspaces come to #SDEC11

SDEC11 is fast approaching in a week and a half. It is all set to kick off on October 17th thru 19th. Just went you thought we could not possibly add anything more to this upcoming conference, we have another announcement.

Open Spaces

SDEC11 will hold two open spaces sessions on both October 17th and 18th after the conclusion of the day’s presentations. The sessions are scheduled to last for an hour from 4:30-5:30, but that time can be flexible based upon interest. Participants will be encouraged to submit their ideas for topics throughout the day and we will together choose the most popular topics for discussion. Everyone will be encouraged to stay for discussions, and in particular most, if not all, of the speakers will be available for these sessions. The speakers bring a wealth of experience and expertise that can be shared in these sessions. For example:

  • Yves Hanoulle – Agile and Coaching
  • Gerry Kirk – Innovation Games and Agile
  • Paul LaBerge – HTML5 and Mango
  • Greg Meredith – Scala and Functional Programming
  • Cory Fowler – Azure
  • Steve Rogalsky – Agile and User Story Mapping
  • Terry Bunio – Agile Project Management
  • David Alpert – User Experience and User Design
  • Sean Van Tyne – User Experience
  • Amir Barylko – .NET Design Patterns & Ruby
  • James Chambers – .NET
  • Marc Jeanson, Burke Libbey, and Stefan Penner – Ruby
  • and many others!

So outside of presentations you will be able to ask questions and get answers from other attendees and presenters at SDEC11!



#SDEC11 #Microsoft all day session announced! #HTML5 #Mango

SDEC11 has some exciting news. We are happy to announce that we have  added a Microsoft all day session on day 2. This session will be a hands on workshop/dojo on HTML5, Mango, and Mobile Development Hackathon.

The contents of the session are:

An Introduction to HTML5 Awesomeness

In this session, you’ll learn how to take advantage of HTML5 today and into the future! You’ll also see what’s possible with HTML5, enabling rich user experiences across platforms without the need for plugins. You’ll also discover the tools that are available to help you build HTML5 web applications and sites. Come join us for an action-packed session of HTML5 awesomeness!

A Lap Around Mango

In this session, we will provide an overview of some of the hot, new features found in the Windows Phone Mango release and how you can use them in your Mango apps. Features such as taking advantage of multitasking and background agents, live tiles, augmented reality with the camera, use of the gyroscope API, socket support, local database support and many others will be discussed. By the end of this session, you will have the base knowledge of the Mango development process and how to leverage its features within your apps. After this session is done, you will be able to will be able to use the time to code your own apps using while the presenter remains present to answer questions.

Windows Phone and Internet Explorer Hackathon

The afternoon of the workshop will focus on hands-on coding and development of phone and web applications for Windows Phone and Internet Explorer. Apply what you’ve learned through the morning content, and the other great sessions at SDEC, while taking advantage of in-person technical support from technology experts!

This session is included in the conference registration!

To give people time to review this content and sign up we have extended the early bird for the conference until September 15th!

#SDEC11 Presentation Abstracts and full schedule has been published!

Check out the full SDEC11 schedule and presentation abstracts! The schedule is almost fully confirmed with only one open slot left and almost all of the abstracts are uploaded. Check out the abstracts and plan your days! Be sure to check out the third day workshops while you are there:





#SDEC11 has a full line up! #winnipeg #agile

The Software Development and Evolution Conference schedule for October 17th-19th, 2011 now has a full line up of presenters.

In addition to the two keynotes of Yves Hanoulle (List on the top 25 Agile minds to follow on Twitter) and John Weigelt (National Technology Officer from Microsoft Canada), we have the following  breakdown of the 26 presenters:

  • 17 local speakers from the Winnipeg area
  • 6 speakers from across Canada
  • 2 speakers from the United States
  • 1 speaker from Europe

You can find information on the previously announced speakers on the speaker page on the SDEC website. Stay tuned for upcoming information on more speakers and their presentation topics.