#openspaces come to #SDEC11

SDEC11 is fast approaching in a week and a half. It is all set to kick off on October 17th thru 19th. Just went you thought we could not possibly add anything more to this upcoming conference, we have another announcement.

Open Spaces

SDEC11 will hold two open spaces sessions on both October 17th and 18th after the conclusion of the day’s presentations. The sessions are scheduled to last for an hour from 4:30-5:30, but that time can be flexible based upon interest. Participants will be encouraged to submit their ideas for topics throughout the day and we will together choose the most popular topics for discussion. Everyone will be encouraged to stay for discussions, and in particular most, if not all, of the speakers will be available for these sessions. The speakers bring a wealth of experience and expertise that can be shared in these sessions. For example:

  • Yves Hanoulle – Agile and Coaching
  • Gerry Kirk – Innovation Games and Agile
  • Paul LaBerge – HTML5 and Mango
  • Greg Meredith – Scala and Functional Programming
  • Cory Fowler – Azure
  • Steve Rogalsky – Agile and User Story Mapping
  • Terry Bunio – Agile Project Management
  • David Alpert – User Experience and User Design
  • Sean Van Tyne – User Experience
  • Amir Barylko – .NET Design Patterns & Ruby
  • James Chambers – .NET
  • Marc Jeanson, Burke Libbey, and Stefan Penner – Ruby
  • and many others!

So outside of presentations you will be able to ask questions and get answers from other attendees and presenters at SDEC11!