Why #Winnipeg needs #InnovationGames

After another week of reading people shouting into the wind, I was again reminded of why Innovation Games are important.

I came across the Elephant Talk website the other day that provided the pro-union stance. Now I’m not aligned with any political party, but it again illustrated how society seems to shout rather than discuss.

Everyone seems to be shouting out their points without first seeking to understand the entire complex situation.

Why I Love Innovation Games

Innovation games and specifically the “Buy a Feature” game requires people to have a discussion. It forces people to realize that there isn’t an endless amount of public money. It requires people to work with each other to set priorities and to make compromises.

It never is as easy to just say we need to fund Education or Health Care. Where are we taking money away from? How much money, for how long? Do we all agree on the priorities? The “Buy a Feature” game encourages these discussions.

Come on Winnipeg!

San Jose just recently completed the third annual Budget Games where citizens participated and provided feedback to their councillors on what they felt were the civic priorities for the next year. This type of engagement is rarely seen in politics nowadays and has resulted in San Jose citizens saying they both love and respect their councillors.

Now when have you heard that locally?

If you are intrigued and would like more information on how these budget games can work, please check out this following link.


I wonder how we can get the civic and provincial governments interested in Innovation Games? I will be volunteering on Parent Council at my children’s school and I know I will be bringing Innovation Games with me to better understand parents needs, wants, and desires.

I only hope we will see their use on a broader scale in the near future.