Selenium or Fitnesse as an Acceptance testing Framework? Thoughts?

After trying to get both frameworks operational in my current project, I think I am going to take the leap and try Selenium first. After some research and trial and error, I have been able to get Selenium operational and found great resources on how I can automate the tests with Maven. (which is also currently used by our project)

I even located the Selenium Core add-on that allows for goto and while constructs in the Selenium tests that will allow for move control in my test suites. So I think there is enough critical mass to start with Selenium and see how successful the tests can be.

I’m curious as to other people’s experience and recommendation. I understand that Selenium and Fitnesse provide different benefits and that all projects probably require both. But it seems to me that a good percentage of test cases can really be tested in either. What tool have people chosen to host the tests that could be written in either?

I guess at the end I felt more comfortable writing tests that exercised the actual web pages. (even though I know it may take more work to create the test cases and to design them appropriately so they are not brittle.) Once those tests are created, I feel they I would have more confidence that the results will be valid. I still had a little concern about the problem I may introduce when creating tests in Fitnesse where I don’t have the proper context defined. I felt if I used the web application, the application will ensure I have the proper context.(or else I have correctly discovered a defect) I guess I also may be tainted with my recent experiences when I could not get Fitnesse to work even though the web application worked fine through the browser.

I’m still going to try to get Fitnesse to work, but I will initially start to create my test suite in Selenium. I’ll update future posts as to the progress I am making.

Looking forward to the green bars. So far I have one. đŸ™‚